Hipee Smart Posture Correction Device


The Smart Pose Corrector adopts a new concept of posture correction of real-time monitoring + wrong posture reminder. It has a built-in high-precision motion sensor chip and an intelligent posture correction recognition algorithm. It is combined with smartphone WeChat applet to visualize posture correction data. So you can view posture changes in real time through the WeChat applet. There are also innovations in posture recognition algorithms. It can recognize human postures in different scenarios such as sitting, bending, writing, and standing, and accurately capture posture changes.

In order to exercise weak muscles and allow users to develop good posture habits, the Hipee smart posture corrector also designs professional posture training courses and interesting somatosensory interactive games for users. It allows users to complete professional posture corrections in entertainment. So training is no longer boring.

We have two options for Adults and children. Please see additional information from description section below.

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