Heavy Truck (Assembly Scale Model)


Vehicles always play a striking role in our life. ROKR MC502 mimics a characteristic heavy truck to remember that essential vehicle!

Scale Model Vehicle is inspired by the evolution of road vehicles back to decades even centuries. Characteristic vehicles of the era are replicated into the mini scale models with detailed structures. It’s a challenge for both eyes and hands, and also a perfect display for stylish collections!

MC502 replicates the characteristic heavy truck, so robust and sturdy, imagine it roars through the wild road. Vivid scale model with fluent building experience.

MC502 is a fabulous design for hand-on crafts. You can choose to build it on your own or enjoy it with your friends. It is a great challenge to your mind and hands.

*Please note due to customs policy, wax, glue or battery may not be included in the package. You can use any glue or candles to replace

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